Newlove Games

Newlove Games are based in Dublin City, makes online, visually stunning and feature rich, 3d games for PC, Mac and Linux.

We want to create a new love for indie games. We’re indie gamers ourselves and are tired of small or over hyped indie games.

We have developed a faster process for making games.

This was due to Rob’s extensive background in engineering design, Johnny’s expertise on complex 3d graphics, Ciara’s deep knowledge of business and Al’s self thought knowledge of audio and finance.

Being able to make great games quickly is important in an industry that over hypes and under delivers gaming products. Which just leaves Indie gamers frustrated.

If we took a traditional approach to making a large game, like most small teams we’d get nowhere.

Our team of four cofounders, are educated and have worked professionally in other industries before games. We were each successful there first and have now gathered a more diverse set of skills to bring to games