• The Inaugural IT, Data and Software Summit is being held on 13th September 2022 in the RDS, Dublin.

    The purpose of the IT, Data and Software Summit has a singular focus — Bring together over 1000 senior management from sectors such as Internet and ICT, Manufacturing, Retail, Food, Hospitality and tourism, construction, technology, data centres, Utilities and energy, banking and Finance, Aviation, Fashion, healthcare etc that are interested in improving their business through the use of IT, data and software.

    The speaker line up is drawn from senior management from Irelands leading companies that have transformed their business

    Attendees Registered include:

    •  CEO
    •  IT Director
    •  Chief Information Officer
    •  Chief Data Officers
    •  Data Scientists, Analysts and Architects
    •  Senior Programmers and Developers
    •  Chief Technology Officer
    •  Technical Directors
    •  Finance Director
    •  CMO and Plant Managers
    •  Group Purchasing Director
    •  Supply chain and Logistics Director
    •  Senior Software Engineer
    •  BI consultant
    •  Product Development Director
    •  Human Resources and Operation Directors
    •  Director of Product Strategy
    •  Web Developer
    •  Senior Technical Writer
    •  Head of Creative
    •  Supply Chain Manager


    Key Topics Include:

    • Cyber Security and Data Protection
    • Mobile & Telecommunications
    • IT infrastructure,
    • Green IT,
    • Big Data, Data Science and Analytics, Data architecture and Open Data
    • data mining and predictive modelling
    • Machine learning  and AI
    • Data centres & Cloud Computing
    • IOT and Industry 4.0
    • Smart cities, transport and Autonomous vehicles
    • virtual reality & augmented reality
    • software and App development
    • Software as a Service
    • skills and training
    • Digital Transformation
    • IPV6
    • Digital Marketing
    • SAP
    • Game development
    • IT strategy
    • Research and Innovation
    • 5G wireless
    • GDPR
    • Virtualisation
    • Enterprise communications
    • VOIP and Bandwidth optimisation
    • On Demand services
    • RFID and Coding
    • Logistics & Supply Chain
    • Quality and Safety
    • Warehouse Management
    • Plant Management
    • Laboratory Information Management Systems
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Human Capital Management and Resource Planning
    • Business Intelligence and Business Transformation
    • OEE, ERP, CRM,. QMS and more
    • Industrial IT
    • Software defined networking
    • And Much More …



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