Suzy Kell, Customer Insights Analyst, Hostelworld Group.

    • Suzy Kell, Customer Insights Analyst, Hostelworld Group.'s presentations

    Suzy Kell is a customer insights analyst for Hostelworld, passionate about driving excellent customer experiences with data. Her time as a data mining consultant for Presidion and her background in Psychology have served her well in building an approach to truly understanding customer behaviours through team work and problem solving effectively.

    Presentation Title-

    Avoid Disaster! – Essential Tips for New Analysts


    – Define the question or problem: garbage in, garbage out

    – Scoping a Project for the worse case scenario: Expect problems and give yourself extra time just in case

    – Start small: take a sample of data and work on that first

    – Test everything you do, then test again

    – What is my next question?: Investigate well. Follow the rabbit down the hole, but know when to stop



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