Rosemary Lafferty – Owner, Yellow Ruler Marketing

  • Rosemary Lafferty is the owner of Yellow Ruler Marketing, a Dublin-based marketing consultancy which helps SME’s who want to create steady growth for their businesses but are unable to devote time to marketing themselves. Rosemary has a Master’s degree in marketing as well as many years’ experience as sales representative.

    Presentation title: How SME’s can Use Marketing to Prevent Unexpected Dips in Sales

    This talk is intended to help owners of SMEs who are busy running their businesses and have no time to devote to marketing. Many SME owners worry that, while their businesses have plenty of sales now, an unexpected dip or lull in sales may happen at any time and, because they haven’t been putting time and energy into marketing, they are faced with an uphill struggle to quickly generate sales.
    This talk will focus on how SMEs (even with limited time and budget) can minimise these dips by the effective use of marketing. I will focus on how to create a manageable marketing plan that is feasible to maintain and provides a good return on investment.


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