Niamh Malone CEO and Founder, Brainey App, Ireland.

  • I worked as a clinical nurse specialist in stroke rehabilitation and had a sub arachnoid haemorrhage (ruptured aneurysm in my brain) 4 years ago. I live with ongoing chronic fatigue and cognitive impairments.
    I co- won the patient panellist “dragon’s den” Sunday Business Post Conference 2017, have been shortlisted for the Global Brain Health Institute Scholar’s Programme 2017. I won a poster presentation for European Integrated Care Conference and abstract will be published in the International Journal of Integrated Care 2017.

    Title of presentation:
    New Digitalised Recovery and Rehabilitation Platform for fatigue- New planned pathway of care.
    Synopsis of presentation:
    I live with ongoing fatigue and have pre-dominantly cognitive impairments. I considered why I have fatigue. I researched into this, held focus groups and worked out myself that neurotransmitters must go different ways in the brain to transport a message and this is burning up energy in the brain leading to fatigue- cognitive fatigue. From there I have identified early warning stages of fatigue and these act as a baseline as to how a person “feels “at that time, the person can then work out ways to conserve energy in the form of a diary and /or questionnaires and then have maximum amount of energy when required. The person can take control of their life, better quality of life and manage their fatigue daily. I am starting with stroke (acute to discharge and into community) and sports rugby concussion (return to play)- both are at preliminary research stage, will have some preliminary research findings for the conference.


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