Maurice Coyle CEO,HeyStaks AI Marketing.

  • Maurice has spent the past 15 years developing innovative technology to personalize online experiences, first as part of his Ph.D. research and since 2008 as part of HeyStaks. Helping people find what they are looking for while respecting their privacy and user experience are joint goals of Maurice’s work.

    Presentation Title –
    Data Wars: Who will win?

    Presentation Synopsis-
    In today’s world where our smartphones are used in every aspect of our lives, more and more companies are making use of the data we produce – not always with our consent or knowledge. There is a growing tension between end users, corporations and governments around who has the right to access or use data created as we navigate our digital lives. In this talk we will discuss the main participants in these “data wars” and how the future will be very different depending on who comes out on top.


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