Kevin McGivern VP, Kx, Ireland and UK

  • From helping to setup the firm’s Singapore presence to propelling the world’s fastest time-series database into new verticals, Kevin McGivern has had a fast-paced and dynamic career. Now working on the Kx Technology Fund, giving startupsaccess to funding and technology, helping the next big thing.
    Presentation title –
    How Startups Can Utilise Big Data
    Presentation Synopsis-
    Big Data has historically been used by corporates to get ahead of the game. With the volume of data ever expanding by 1.5MB per second for every individual on the planet, it’s time for startups to grasp the benefits. Big Data creating a direct line to your customers, enabling you to adapt quickly to insights. At this talk you’ll hear how to unlock the power and competitive advantage of Big Data from the get go, and most importantly, why you should.


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