Julian Kulkarni Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan McKinley, Ireland

    • Julian Kulkarni Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan McKinley, Ireland's presentations

    As CMO Julian Kulkarni has transformed recruitment consultancy Morgan McKinley into a data and insight-driven business, growing a global database of clients and candidates from 200,000 to more than 3,000,000 over three years. Content-driven marketing through the company’s 12 corporate and local websites has played a key role in this strategy.

    Project Galileo – Re-engineering Morgan McKinley’s Websites to Improve Candidate Experience and Increase Engagement
    Business background
    Morgan McKinley is a global recruitment consultancy with 17 offices in nine countries and 800 employees, most of whom are recruitment consultants.

    The recruitment business has become increasingly sophisticated, not least because candidate communities are increasingly diverse, as are the needs of hiring organisations. Morgan McKinley is focused on what we call 360o recruitment. Rather than managing only on a job-by-job basis we seek to understand a professional’s complete needs and ambitions. As a ‘career ally’ we build long-term relationships with highly specialised professionals looking to establish a clear lifelong career trajectory.
    The services and content we present to potential candidates via our website are critically important to the process of building these relationships. Therefore in 2015 we launched Project Galileo, , starting in our largest market, the United Kingdom.


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