Ignazio Graffeo, Registrar in Psychiatry, HSE.

  • Promotor and First Author in Academic Researches on the field of the CyberTherapy and CyberPsychiatry in Italy, he gained huge experience with Neuro Virtual Reality (full NeuroVR2 Trained). He was one of the first to study the relationships and the interrelations between Social Media and Mental Health issues, using the major social networks as a mean for trying to help people in distress. He is actually developing a project in order to bring Psychiatrists and Mental Health Operators nearer to the Patients in need.
    Presentation Title-
    Psytech: an overview on technology applied to Mental Health
    Presentation Synopsis-
    Psychiatry evolves with society hence with innovation. To be up to date, the psychiatrist nowadays has to comprehend new technologies in terms of understanding new presentations of illnesses and to provide new forms of treatment. This is an overview of the changes occurred in our society related to technology and a discussion on how we can improve mental health using new media.


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