Grainne Murphy IoT Marketing Manager, Analog Devices

  • As IoT (Internet of Things) Marketing Manager, Grainne Murphy manages alliances, customer engagement and IoTmarketing/communications which originate from many business and technology groups across Analog Devices .She is a University of Limerick graduate (BENG) and also holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University.

    Presentation Title-
    Moving from the IoT Hype into Reality
    Presentation Synopsis-
    IoT unlocks new business opportunities around systems and services related to monitoring and analysing key assets. Simply put, full sensor-to-cloud systems will enable customers better understand and make improvements or efficiencies in many spaces including health, buildings, factories, agriculture and cities. As customers analyze and understandthe data collected, it will allow them to make more informed decisions around maintenance and capital expenditure decisions. This has most impact in particularly high value, high utilization spaces where, for example,any case of machine failure has an enormous impact if it goes down. The next phase of IoT is to move from proof of concepts demonstrating “sensor to cloud” into fully articulating the ROI for the customer when compared to the cost impact of mission critical equipment failure and downtime.Sensor technology and data is even more valuable in IoT, enabling measurements that could not never been possible before. And while data storage is cheaper, it is important to use the cloud effectively. We will talk about a couple of some smart partitioning solutions.


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