Gerard Keohane, Omnichannel Commerce Specialist, StudioForty9

    • Gerard Keohane, Omnichannel Commerce Specialist, StudioForty9's presentations

    Gerard Keohane is an Ecommerce expert with over 15 years of industry-grade web development experience.

    In 2006, Ger founded StudioForty9, an award-winning team with a national and international reputation for excellence, specialising in systems integration and omnichannel retail ecommerce.

    StudioForty9 is the 2017 “Supplier of the Year” to the retail industry, awarded by Retail Excellence Ireland.

    Presentation Title-
    The Irish Ecommerce Dashboard in Practice
    Presentation Synopsis-
    I will introduce the Irish Ecommerce Dashboard, a joint initiative by Retail Excellence Ireland and StudioForty9. This project collates, tracks and presents ecommerce KPIs from over 80 Irish Retailers. The project is running since December 2014 and the data is presented per device (desktop, tablet, mobile) and is split into sectors. Using the data from the ecommerce dashboard as a benchmark I will demonstrate how to take insights from the analytics of an ecommerce site to drive increased sales and revenue.


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