Garrett Cassidy Co-founder & CEO, Trezeo, Ireland

  • Garrett is Co-founder and CEO of Trezeo, a FinTech business with a mission to provide financial stability for self-employed working in the gig economy.
    Garrett is a FinTech entrepreneur and advisor with over 20 years experience in Finacial Services. As well as leading Trezeo, Garrett advises FinTech startups and large financial institutions through Abarta Consulting. He was European Managing Director at Circle Internet Financial, held a range of senior roles at Bank of Ireland and previously worked at Ulster Bank and Goldman Sachs.
    Presentation Title-
    Financial stability in a Gig economy world.
    Presentation Synopsis:
    The way people work is changing. Increasing levels of self employment and freelance work have become a structural trend in most developed economies with technology platforms playing a key role in enabling the growing gig economy.  The presentation will unpack these trends and the implications for the financial lives of these self-employed gig economy workers.


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