Dr. Vikram Pakrashi Chartered Engineer, UCC

  • Presentation Title:

    BRIDGE SMS – Intelligent Bridge Assessment Maintenance and Management System

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Bridge SMS – Intelligent Bridge Assessment Maintenance and Management System is an ongoing EU-wide industry-academia partnership project that develops a software platform to empower engineers and key personnel to predict, identify and prepare for potentially destructive flood events. The talk will focus on this project and also the unique industry-academia partnership model.

    Speaker Bio:

    Dr. Vikram Pakrashi, a Lecturer in Structural Engineering within the School of Engineering UCC, is a researcher with over 100 peer reviewed journals and conference papers. He is the director of the Dynamical Systems and Risk Laboratory (DSRL) in UCC. Vikram received his doctorate from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland specialising in the field of health monitoring of structures employing dynamic responses and associated vibration control methods. He carried out his postdoctoral research in structural reliability analysis at Trinity College Dublin. Vikram worked as a Chartered Consulting Engineer subsequently and was involved with multiple infrastructure-related projects relevant at a national level in Ireland. Vikram has received a number of awards throughout his career for his contribution to research, leadership, consulting engineering and peer-reviews. His active research interest remains in infrastructure maintenance and management and he is associated with number of national and international projects related to this topic. Vikram is the Co-Principal Investigator of Bridge SMS, Intelligent Bridge Assessment Maintenance and Management System – a Marie Curie 7th Framework Programme funded Project with Dr. Eamon McKeogh, the Principal Investigator.



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