Dr Léon McCarthy – Second-Screen Design at The Factory of Thought / University of Limerick

    • Dr Léon McCarthy – Second-Screen Design at The Factory of Thought / University of Limerick's presentations

    At the University of Limerick, Dr McCarthy’s research spans second-screening, social-media, data-mining, data-visualisation, audio-visual production and performance.
    At ‘The Factory of Thought’, he designs bespoke second-screen platforms and smart-media screens. Through these platforms, audience second-screen discussions manifest in related media content on the main-screens, faciliated through bespoke AI algorithms. Through parallel data-analytics, this rich data reveals valuable insights on the audience.
    His research is now finding traction in the area of eHealth. As part of a H2020 proposal, he specificed the design of a ‘smart-room’; the premise being that through media diffusion, moods can be entrained in the home-environment of a patient. As part of a UK consotrium, he is currently developing a social-network that will be mined to reveal real-time updates on patient-wellbeing.
    Artistically, he explores the ephermality of second-screen technologies as an audio-visual performer, collaborating with the audience through their second-screen. Their conversations inform him as he creates live audio-visuals in response – a spectacle best described as ‘live-cinema’.

    Presentation Title: The next wave in content creation & consumption: intelligent, contextual, ephemeral

    Society is facing problems with social-media; Facebook and fake-news to mention but two. GDPR requirements for stricter controls on the use of personal data will change tech in social-media, while the insatiable demand we have for data means cloud-storage cannot be built fast enough. Society will have to pivot toward smarter, more efficient, more reliable data creation and consumption. This talk will talk a view on potential medium-term solutions.


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