Coral Movasseli, Managing Director, Girls in Tech Dublin, Ireland

    • Coral Movasseli, Managing Director, Girls in Tech Dublin, Ireland's presentations


    Coral Movasseli is the Managing Director of Girls in Tech Dublin, a dedicated platform for women-in-tech and entrepreneurs. A techie problem solver at heart, Coral co-founded a mobile transit app for Toronto’s transportation system to make it easier for users to get to their destinations on time. Passionate about changing the world, Coral started her career on route to becoming a Canadian diplomat. After completing her Masters of Science at the London School of Economics, her trajectory redirected her to working in financial services and advising large private equity funds in London. On weekends you can find her in the crossfit box, fermenting kombucha, and flexing her photography skills with her Nikon.


    Who is Girls in Tech:  Girls in Tech is a global not-for-profit that was conceived a decade ago in San Francisco by CEO and Founder Adriana Gascoigne. We are dedicated to empowering, engaging, and informing women working within the tech industry and as entrepreneurs through our proprietary programs. We have 60 chapters worldwide, and over 55,000 members


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